The Best Dog Breath Freshener Picks for Smelly Dog Breath

Simply the Best Dog Breath Fresheners for Your Best Friend. Say Goodbye to Smelly Dog Breath for Good

Bad dog breath is a common condition that can make some pet parents hesitate when getting close to their dog. The American Veterinary Medical Association named February as National Pet Dental Health month; we’re creating awareness about it by talking about causes of bad dog breath, many of which are connected to dental health.

Some causes are rather harmless, such as your dog just ate some cat poop, while others causes could be a sign of a serious underlying health condition. While smaller dog breeds, older dogs, and breeds with short snouts are more prone to having bad breath, a healthy dog shouldn’t have chronic bad breath.  Keeping your dogs breath nice can help prevent health issues when they start to age.  There are many health issues associated with a dogs breath as we discuss below.

  • There are many reasons your dog may have bad breath, including diet and disease
  • Talk to your vet to see if your dog is a candidate for a dental cleaning
  • Get rid of bad dog breath with our top product picks for the best dog breath fresheners
What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?

“Dental disease is by far the most common and frequently under-diagnosed,” Ireifej says. Lodged foreign bodies, tumors, or growths could also be the culprit. Sometimes dog breath isn’t from halitosis but a condition called uremia that results from kidney failure or disease or from ketosis (which stems from diabetes mellitus).  This can lead to serious health issues in your doggie.

When Bad Breath Is A Sign Of Something More Serious

You might not always be able to tell what is causing your dog’s breath, but experts suggest giving your dog a good oral examination and contacting your local veterinarian for a checkup if you’re concerned.

Some causes can be remedied simply by removing an old piece of food that has gotten stuck in your dog’s teeth. Other remedies include changing your dog’s diet and brushing your dog’s teeth twice daily after meals.

How Do I Treat Bad Dog Breath?

If plaque, tartar, and periodontal disease are behind your dog’s bad breath, then the best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to see if your dog is a candidate for a dental cleaning. This is great dental hygiene practices. Your veterinarian will run bloodwork to make sure your dog can handle anesthesia, and this appointment is also a great time to rule out any other potential causes for your dogs breath breath. During the cleaning, your veterinarian may have to remove loose or damaged teeth, depending on the scope of the periodontal disease. If it gets to this point we recommend seeing a vet and possibly using an aloe vera breath freshener.

When it comes to unsupervised snacking, securing the trash and limiting your dog’s access to unpleasant outdoor finds, like roadkill, will resolve this issue. Placing the litter box outside of his reach is a simple solution that eliminates cat feces consumption, unless the cats are also pooping outside, and cleaning up directly after your dog can help prevent coprophagia. Aloe vera does help with preventing or treating a dog’s bad breath.

Say GoodBye to Smelly Dog Breath

To be fair, not all dogs have stinky breath. However, we don’t know many owners who haven’t complained about their dog’s less than fresh smiles.

For the most part, dog breath is unpleasant because it’s your dog’s breath. Your dog’s diet can also be a cause, as can a build-up of tartar and plaque.


Your furry pals love you and cannot pass any opportunity to lavish that adoration through big kisses. But dealing with a poppy smell coming from their mouth all the time, whether or not they have had a meal, can make life difficult for you and very upsetting for your beloved pooch. Keeping them at bay is definitely not the solution.

Providing your dog with plenty of chew toys and dental trats. helps them take care of their teeth naturally. Chewing prevents plaque and tartar build-up and relieves boredom, keeping your dog healthy and happy. Just make sure you pick dog chew toys appropriate for your dog’s size and age.

Rocco loves chewing big bones and pretty much anything he lays his eyes on.  To help with his breath he recommends the below dog breath fresheners.  The first product is his favorite pick for the best dog breath freshener.  It’s always good for your dog to have great dental hygiene.

Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Care
Rocco's Score
Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener?

    Finally say good-bye to dog and cat bad breath with our fast-acting pet bad breath treatment for dogs. It’s the best, quick & easy dog breath freshener.


    The easiest way to clean your pet's teeth! Our veterinarian recommended dog oral care water additive helps fight plaque and tartar for healthy teeth and gums.


    That’s right, no more wrestling with pet toothpaste and toothbrushes; just add a capful of our dog dental care liquid to their water bowl each day – it’s that easy!


    We don't mask with mint or tea tree that can be harmful to dogs. Our Pet Dental Water Additive is odorless and tasteless, so they don't even know it's there.


    Trusted by pet parents, our dog dental water additive is made in the U.S.A. with only the highest quality ingredients, and is a pet bad breath eliminator that actually works.

About this item:

Taking care of your dog or cat’s oral health has never been easier. This is Rocco’s pick for the best dog breath freshener.

Stops Even the Toughest Bad Breath in Dogs

Did you know … by the age of three,  80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease, which can take years off their lives. Scary, right?!  Please help keep your dogs teeth healthy.

Well, say hello to fresh breath and clean teeth. We make at home pet dental care easy! Our unique and always non-toxic Pet Dental Water Additive is the must-have dental solution for pet parents.

Pet Parents Love It.

  • Freshens Dog Breath
  • Promotes Healthy Gums
  • Fights Plaque and Tartar

So Easy. Just Add to Water.

  • Cleans Without Brushing
  • It’s Tasteless and Odorless
  • Even the Pickiest Pets Love It

Vets Trust It.

  • Made in the USA
  • Flavor, Dye & Alcohol Free
  • Trusted Brand Since 1984

Safety Information

Our formula is 100% non-toxic and if your fluffy pet is prone to allergies or sensitive stomachs, we recommend starting with a 1/2 serving then slowly increasing to a full serving. Sometimes for sensitive pets, just like changing their food regimen or eating grass, it can irritate their digestive system. Please discontinue use if any allergies are noticed and we recommend following up with your veterinarian.


Add one cap full per liter of water. Start with 1/2 dose for sensitive pets. Make sure to measure properly. Discontinue use if any allergies, nausea or diarrhea is noticed.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care

Rocco's Score

Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener?

  • Fresh Breath Oral Care

    Water Additive provides dental defense against plaque & tartar on the teeth and noticeably fresher breath in 14 days or less with daily use as directed. Results may vary.

  • Dental Health Solution

    Our product is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients for a healthy mouth and clean teeth.

  • Tasteless and Odorless

    A teeth cleaning solution that helps freshen breath when added to your dog's water twice daily.

  • Carries Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance (VOHC)

    For plaque control and National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal (NASC) for adhering to the highest quality standards.

  • TropiClean Pet Products

    Offers a full range of naturally derived cat and dog products including TropiClean Grooming, TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick, TropiClean PerfectFur, SPA by TropiClean, TropiClean OxyMed and TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care and Dental Products. You Make the Moments. We Make them Fresh.

About this item:

TropiClean Fresh Breath offers many oral care solutions to help make your dog’s dental care routine easier! TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution can help remedy bad breath, support your dog’s oral health and give them fresh breath – no brushing required! Dental Health Solution helps address bad breath and provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath when used daily as part of an oral care routine. Use in combination with TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel and TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Chews or Dental Sticks for maximum oral care protection. Helps prevent tooth decay.

Minties VetIQ Dog Dental Bone Treats
Rocco's Score

Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener?


    Minties dental treats for dogs contains no wheat, corn, or soy. These dog breath treats contain five (5) breath fresheners alfalfa, parsley, fennel dill, and peppermint.


    Minties dental dog bones provide vet recommended dental care in a daily dental chew dogs love.


    Minties dog teeth cleaning treats feature a unique shape and texture that rubs teeth clean, while your dog chews.


    Chewing Minties Dog Dental Treats help dogs chew away plaque build-up and control tartar. This helps keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean.


    Using Minties dog dental chews daily helps promote oral health and freshens your dog's breath.


    Contains forty (40) Minties dental bones for medium to large dogs weighing more than 40 pounds

About this item:

Gluten Free Dog Dental Treat Dogs Love

Minties dental bones and twists are your affordable alternative to Greenies Original Dental Chews*. With their unique designs, Minties help clean your small or large dog’s teeth and freshen their breath – all in one easy-to-digest daily dental dog chew.

ProDen PlaqueOff Powder
Rocco's Score

Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener?


    Made with sea kelp harvested along the North Atlantic coast and is free from additives and artificial preservatives.


    Helps reduce plaque and tartar, freshen bad breath, and support teeth and gum health for your pets.


    Simply sprinkle over dry or wet food once a day.


    Small dogs and cats (55.1 lbs.) – 2 scoops 

About this item:

Did you know that over 70% of cats and 85% of dogs over the age of 3 years show signs of poor oral hygiene? It is vital to look after your pets oral health, as it can have a negative impact on other parts of the body. Oral infections can result in pain, tooth loss, & can spread to vital organs if left untreated, potentially causing organ failure. Fear not, there are plenty of things you can do to help improve & prevent oral hygiene becoming a problem.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Within 3-8 weeks, you will notice a change in the texture of the plaque and/or tartar build-up, making it softer and easier to remove through brushing, chewing, or scraping away. As a result, bad breath goes away and there is no more tartar or plaque build-up. With daily use, you can say goodbye to bad breath!

Caution: Not recommended for animals being treated for hyperthyroidism.

How Do I Use ProDen PlaqueOff?

Simply add the 100% natural supplement to your pet’s food daily. A 330mg scoop is included in each jar, to perfectly measure the correct amount to add daily to dry kibble, raw, or wet food.

Vet Recommended Dog Breath Freshener
Rocco's Score

Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener?


    Vet Recommended dog breath water additive is an all natural formula containing properties that makes dental care easy by reducing tartar and plaque buildup.


    Use in your dog’s water bowl by adding 2 tablespoons of dog water additive to 16 oz of clean water for fresh breath & to prevent a dogs periodontal conditions.


    Add to fresh drinking water as part of dog teeth cleaning. Totally clear liquid formulation with NO colors, making it pure and clean. NO hard to pronounce chemical ingredients.


    Cinnamon, clove, peppermint & aloe are scientifically designed to get rid of the germs that cause bad dog breath. Easily digestible, with natural honey & naturally occurring minerals.


    Many pet dental water additives contain stevia which is sweet, however it’s been shown to cause osmotic diarrhea in dogs. We purposely have left it out for a purer drinking water additive.

About this item:

Why It Works!

Our Vet Recommended Water Additive works because of the active ingredients that were carefully selected and formulated to be safe and effective.

How It Works!

The science shows that just the right amount of clove, cinnamon, peppermint extract, natural honey and aloe; will safely get rid of the nasties that causes bad breath and create a fresher smelling dog.

What Results to Expect!

By simply adding the natural clear liquid to your dog’s water bowl, you can expect to make your dog kissable again by getting rid of the nasty critters that makes your dogs breath smell.

How wonderful it’ll be to hug and kiss your best friend without the prospect of passing out.

Dental Fresh Water Additive for Dogs
Rocco's Score
Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener:

    Dental Fresh Original Formula Water Additive is beneficial for everyday use. Adding it to your pet’s water bowl daily equates to brushing their teeth each time they take a drink.


    This water additive is a quick and easy bad breath treatment for dogs. The special formula activates, releases and destroys bad breath and eliminates plaque and tartar to instantly freshen breath and improve overall oral health.


    In addition to instantly freshening even the worst dog (and cat) breath, this pet oral care water additive also cleans and whitens teeth. It has no taste or artificial flavorings and it does not cause staining.


    Dental Fresh Dog Water Additive for bad breath helps protects gums and helps fight periodontal disease without brushing. It contains no alcohol, no sugar, no surfactants or detergents, and no pungent mint flavors.


    SynergyLab's Dental Fresh cat and dog oral care products are created with premium ingredients at a price that pet parents can afford. We know your dogs and cats and are more than just pets, because we are pet parents too.

About this item:

Taking care of your dog or cat’s oral health has never been easier. Dental Fresh Original Formula Water Additive is truly the world’s first toothbrush in a bottle. Adding this cat and dog bad breath eliminator to your pet’s water bowl daily equates to brushing their teeth every time they drink water – without the struggles and hassles that most pet parents have had when trying to use a toothbrush on an unwilling dog or cat. Dental Fresh dog teeth cleaning water additive is the only clinically proven formula that provides multiple benefits: cleans and whitens teeth, freshens pet breath, protects gums while treating gingivitis, prevents periodontal disease, and improves overall dental health. When dogs and cats develop dental disease, it can lead to additional problems throughout their body.

That is why it is so important to recognize the signs of dental issues in your pet – bad breath, yellow or brown teeth, swollen, inflamed, red, puffy gums, weight loss, and poor appetite – and prioritize oral health. All the dogs and cats in your household can drink from the same water bowl because each pet will receive a different dosage of the active ingredient, depending on their individual dental needs. And unlike many water bowl additives on the market, Dental Fresh contains no alcohol, no sugar, no surfactants or detergents, and no pungent mint flavors.

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste
Rocco's Score
Why Rocco Likes this Dog Breath Freshener:

    Contains (1) 4oz bag of Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste for Mini Breeds. Designed to abrasively clean teeth, mechanically help reduce plaque and tartar buildup, and freshen breath.


    TOutside ridges abrasively clean teeth, help reduce stains, and polish teeth while toothpaste center helps fight plaque, tartar, and bacteria causing bad breath with natural ingredients such as alfalfa, cinnamon, vanilla, and clove.XT


    For best results, we recommend a tooth-brushing regimen of two Brushless chews per day. For even longer lasting effectiveness, try combining with Brushless Plaque-Zapper.


    Our vet recommended dental chew is specifically formulated for mini breed dogs, 12 weeks and older, with a weight of 8 pounds or less.


    Our recipe is formulated with natural, high quality ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

About this item:

Brushless Toothpaste Dental Chews

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste is an easily digestible gluten free dental chew with natural herbal ingredients that help your pet care for their own teeth between cleanings.

The outer ridge of the dental chew helps to remove plaque and tartar in a safe, abrasive manner. The inside of the chew is Ark’s patented toothpaste center that helps kills bacteria causing bad breath and eliminates tartar and plaque build up throughout the mouth. Chews are carefully crafted in the USA with natural fresh flavors of alfalfa, cinnamon, vanilla and clove to help freshen breath.

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste is a vet recommended award-winning chewable dental solution for pets. Brushless Toothpaste is an easily digestible gluten free dental chew with clinically proven, natural herbal ingredients that help your pet care for their own teeth between cleanings. The outer ridge of the dental chew helps to remove plaque and tartar in a safe, abrasive manner. The inside of the chew is Ark’s patented toothpaste center that kills bacteria causing bad breath and eliminates tartar and plaque build up throughout the mouth. Chews are carefully crafted in the USA with natural fresh flavors of alfalfa, cinnamon, vanilla and clove to help freshen breath. For dogs mini breed dogs that are 8 pounds or less.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Breath Freshener

Dental Disease is the top diseases when dogs age

You clean your teeth every day, probably at least a couple of times. Chances are, everyone in your household does the same. But there’s one member of your family who probably skips those daily teeth cleanings: your beloved pet.

 If your dog gets frequent check-ups and you keep up on your dog’s dental routine, occasional bouts of bad breath can still happen for the same reasons it happens to humans. Food particles lingering in the mouth after a meal invites plaque and tartar build-up. Digestive issues, particularly if you recently changed your dog’s diet, can also lead to bad breath.

Water additives turned out to be the easiest.​

All we had to do was put 2 tablespoons in the water bowl, and voila!  Using dental gel was similar to the brushing incident. The next task was finding the perfect water additive mouthwash for my dog. So, we took to the market and bought many of the brands I had seen highly recommended on the internet.

This is an easy way to slip in a little dental freshness without your pet suspecting it. However, some dogs may not prefer the taste and refuse the water. Ultimately, this will be to the discretion of your pet. If you select one that is purely a water additive, you give your dog the option to decide for themselves if it works for them.

Say goodbye to your dog’s bad breath today

We recommend using any one of Rocco’s breath fresheners picks along with making an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss the possible causes for your dog’s bad breath and your treatment options. As with most health problems, prevention is the best cure, so pick up a tube of dog toothpaste and start brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a day to prevent oral decay.

Things To Consider When Getting Dog Breath Fresheners

Some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind are:

Ingredient list

What does that freshener contain? All ingredients should be natural, or at least ones that are not harmful to your dog’s health. Look for the age limit so that you don’t end up giving your dog something harmful to their health.


Whether or not your dog is prone to an allergic reaction, ensure that the product contains ingredients that do not induce any allergy.


This is essential. Most dogs hate taking anything that even looks medicinal. Opt for products that you can administer easily and quickly. Water additives and sprays are the best because they can be done within seconds before your puppy realizes that they are being given something.

Talk to the Vet

This is necessary because all dogs react differently to different products. If your dog is prone to allergic reactions, talk to their vet before giving them any breath fresheners.

Keep in mind that, like all other cleaning products, breath fresheners take some time to work. If your furry pal suffers from dental or gut health, you will need to target those areas before their breathing improves. Keep giving a product for at least 15 days to see how effective it is. The products mentioned above are bound to help get rid of bad breath.

Best ingredients dog breath fresheners

Most of the best breath fresheners options we’ve included here contain natural ingredients, and their VOHC endorsements demonstrate that there aren’t many risk factors to speak of with these products. But definitely check out the ingredient list to make sure there’s nothing that you know will disagree with your pup. For example, some dogs are allergic to mint, so a mint-based breath freshener may not be the best choice. Alternatively, there are many breath fresheners on the market that don’t contain any mint whatsoever. There are also some all-natural breath fresheners that come in powder form, which you can simply sprinkle on your dog’s food. Regardless of which route you go, just be sure to do your research to ensure you’re giving your pup the best possible chance for fresh breath.

Mint-flavored products pose no potential issues safety-wise, but as Dr. Livermore notes, some dogs don’t love the flavor. It may seem unlikely that a savory or meat-flavored product could result in fresher breath for your pup; however, these treats and supplements tackle the issues that cause bad breath at the source. As much as any product boasting minty freshness, they help assure long-term dental health and can potentially be an easier sell for your pup

Do dog breath fresheners actually work?

This depends on why your dog is suffering from terrible breath. If they have some digestive issues and give them fresheners that help with better digestion, then dog breath fresheners can make a world of difference. They will neutralize the bacteria in the gut and the mouth and ensure that bad breath is controlled.  Also view out Best Dog Treats reviews.  These treats plus the fresheners reviewed should help prevent doggie bad breath.

The most common reasons for the horrendous odor are lack of oral hygiene, bad eating habits, and gut issues. Once you figure out the cause of why your dog is suffering from bad breath, you can ensure that their issue is resolved.


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