Best Leashes for Dogs that Pull – Reviews and Buyers Guide

All the Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull - Reviews & Top Picks

Walking your dog can be a fun bonding experience, but it can become frustrating quickly if your dog is pulling you around. Dogs can pull for a bunch of reasons, whether it’s a puppy in training or an excitable dog that can’t control itself.

Pulling is annoying and dangerous, however. A dog that pulls can yank you to the ground, possibly causing injury, or may pull you into the road or near other dogs (that may not be so friendly).

Fortunately, there are numerous leashes that can teach your dog leash manners and make your walks more pleasant. Read more about the six best leashes for dogs that pull, based on reviews from dog owners.

Check out our Buyers Guide below too for any questions you may have about dog leashes for pulling dogs.


Dogs pull on the leash because it works – it gets them where they want to go. Dogs are essentially hedonists. They do what feels good for them. They are also practical – they do what works.

Dogs probably think humans really like walking on a tight leash because they do it all the time.

In the context of practicing loose leash walking (as I mentioned earlier in the week, I use different equipment to cue the dogs when it is “doggy walk” time and when it is a “working walk”), my dogs learn that tight leashes make the walk stop. I freeze, leashes held against my navel, and wait for as long as it takes for the dogs to make the decision to take tension off the leash. When they move back toward me to loosen the leash, the walk resumes. The reward in this case is not a click and treat, but a chance to resume forward movement.

Dog Collars make a difference

Head Collars

Another common type of anti-pull dog leashes is those that go with head collars.

These leashes attach directly to the dog’s head, which allows you to have control over the dog.

They are also suitable for dogs of any size, and your dog won’t be able to slip out of a head collar leash.

Because pulling your dog back only makes them pull stronger, a head collar may be the most appropriate in such cases.

This type of design will pull your dog’s head upwards when he starts to pull and back towards you, which will give your dog a clear indication to stop pulling.

Here are the the Best Leashes for Dogs that Pull

When Rocco was a little pup, he was a bit energetic.  Regular leashes didn’t work.  He either ate them or they couldn’t sustain his constant pulling.  We had to go to the extreme with the right leashes for his energy level.

ladoogo 2 Pack 5 FT Heavy Duty Dog Leash

ladoogle dog leash

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash as the number 1 leash?

The new Ladoogo dog leash is inspired by many dog lovers’ suggestions. The concept is getting firm and comfortable grip without rope burn even when your dog pulls hardly with a perfect length that you dog has enough freedom, but everything under control. The rope should be durable and strong with reflective threads for safe walking in the dark.

2+2 Packs

2 x dog leashes (Black + Red)

1 x dog training clicker

1 x poop bag holder with 1 roll bag inside


Dog Training Clicker

Convenient to walk dogs outside.


Poop Bag Holder Including 1 Roll poop bag (15 Bags).

Easy for obedience, good behavior training

  • FOAM HANDLE: no rope burns anymore, the Ladoogo dog leash inspired from fitness facility to added an ergonomic and comfortable foam handle that helps you maintain firm and comfortable grip without digging into your hands even when your dog pulls hardly
  • PERFECT LENGTH: 5 ft length dog leash is a perfect balance between freedom and control, it gives enough freedom for your dog but everything in your control
  • DURABILITY: Made of strong 1/2-inch diameter rock climbing rope and durable 360o tangle free and rustproof swivel hook that are stronger than other standard dog leashes
  • REFLECTIVE: Highly reflective threads keep high visibility at night for safety
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: All purchases are backed by a 12 months hassle-free warranty

Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash

bungee leash for dogs that pull

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

If your dog manages to chew or unravel any classical dog leash, it’s time for a change! Built from durable nylon webbing, SparklyPets Outdoor Dog Leash is meant for strong pullers who easily wear through regular leashes. A strong, metallic hook makes attaching the leash on and off your dog’s collar a breeze, while the leather joints are just as durable as this thick dog leash. SparklyPets Chew-Proof Leash comes with a detachable shock absorbing bungee to help offset the pulling and:

  • Eliminates the stress to your arms and neck
  • Provides extra-stability in case of unexpected pulls
  • Withstands dog chewing and pulling without unraveling
  • Keeps you safe at night thanks to the reflective stripe sewn into it
  • Gives your dog space to walk in front of you (43.3″ without bungee)
  • Makes an useful gift for any pet owner in your life
  • ★ Anti-pulling resistant training leash – Braided with tough nylon, SparklyPets Rope Leash is made for dogs who easily wear through regular leashes
  • ★ For strong dogs – Featuring a thick rope, metallic hook, leather joints, and elastic bungee, rope leash is perfect for stronger dogs
  • ★ Shock absorbing bungee – When you buy your big dog leash today, you will also receive an elastic bungee to offset the pulling
  • ★ Modern and Stylish – Style meets function in this dog leash set that comes in four colors for you to choose from. Well-crafted and reliable in your hands, SparklyPets Rope Dog Leash is undoubtedly one of the best leashes for dogs that pull you’ll find on the market.
  • ★ Our gentle leash for dogs is made with a lot of attention to detail to ensure you and your puppy the best walking experience. You will absolutely love your nylon leash with extension bungee!

AUROTH Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash

auroth dog leash for pulling

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

Auroth Pets provide all pet owners the peace of mind that our pets would be safe and secured with a reliable dog harness while outdoors.


    • With adventure in mind, each design expresses the outdoor spirit.
    • Over the years, we were able to donate hundreds of harnesses to various shelters across the world.
    • At Auroth, we believe that every pet deserves to find their forever home. Thank you for your continued support.

Tactical Dog Leash

Perfect for Medium to Large Dogs

Durability meets functionality with the Auroth Reflective Dog Leash. This Bungee leash is made from a high-quality, woven nylon material and is great for everyday walks with your furry friend. Whether you’re headed to a doggie playdate or just adventuring around the block, this leash will keep your pup close by your side.

  • Soft Top Handle: Gives MAX comfort for daily use.
  • Strong Elastic Bands: Provide optimal distance.
  • Reflective Strips: Perfect for night safe walking.
  • Traffic Handle: Keep dog close for more control.
  • 360° Rotating Clip: Enables fast release and lock.
  • Stylish Color: Flexible matching Auroth Vest.

CHUNKY PAW Hands Free Dog Leash

dog leashes that pull

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

WE LOVE EXPLORING OUTDOOR along with our faithful canine companion.

Chunky Paw Hands Free Dog Leash is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comfortable way to walk, run or hike with your dog. Now it’s more fun to go to places and easier than ever before with our Hands Free Dog Leash.

It is designed with unique features that make the leash far more convenient for runners, but also pleasant to use for everyday walking or jogging.

Did you know that few dogs get the exercise they require in order to remain healthy and happy? Through exercise and time spent with your pet you can resolve most common behavioral problems.


Any dog’s dream leash

  • Chunky Paw dog leash is made from high-quality anti-tear nylon with a durable belt buckle and stainless-steel rings, keeping your dog and you safe from any harm, reducing shoulder and wrist pain.
  • The material of the leash is weather resistant nylon webbing with 3 reflective stitches which provides improved visibility.
  • The reflective stitching on the waist leash for dogs will help cars or bicycles see you with ease no matter how dark it is.

Adjustable waistband

From 27″ to 48″ to fit a large range of waist sizes

More durable hooks

Ensuring safety for your dog

Shock absorbing bungee

Absorbs pulling from dogs and minimize injury risk

  • 🐾FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE BREEDS – Our premium hands free dog leash is made from high-quality anti-tear nylon with a durable belt buckle and stainless-steel rings, keeping your dog and you safe from any harm, reducing shoulder and wrist pain.
  • 🐾PADDED DUAL HANDLE DESIGN – Chunky Paw hands free leash has two soft and durable neoprene handles, which are comfortable and very easy to grab. These two well-placed handles give you added control when you need it, also are useful to give your pup some extra guidance, while you have control all the times. Whether you want to guide your dog on a narrow trail, bike paths or running on busy sidewalks, you are always in charge.
  • 🐾REFLECTIVE THREAD FOR INCREASE VISIBILITY- Running leash with reflective stitching provides improved visibility. Keep you and your dog safe while enjoying a happy walking, hiking or running. The reflective stitching on the waist leash for dogs will help cars or bicycles see you with ease no matter how dark it is.
  • 🐾HANDS FREE OR HANDS ON FOR CONTROLLING YOUR DOG EASILY – Our dog leash can work as a conventional pet leash, yet quickly convert to a hands free dog leash for running, hiking, jogging, walking, training or when you need to use your phone or push the baby stroller.
  • 🐾DESIGNED FOR DOGS TO ADAPT BODY MOVEMENTS – Your dog learns to be attached to you and anticipate in what direction you are moving due to the adjustable waist belt from 27” to 48” and 3 rings. So, the dog can be placed in front if you attach it to the D-Ring near the buckle or beside if you attach it to the clip that is on the side. Topped off with a convenient extra D-ring for poop bags or accessories.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

The Gentle Leader Headcollar is a perfect no-pull solution to help improve leash manners and the bond between you and your dog. Designed by trainers, the Gentle Leader Headcollar is loved and trusted by vets and pet parents and has helped improve 5 million walks around the world. This training tool is best for dogs who pull because it interrupts your dogs natural instinct to pull against pressure. The headcollar loops around your dogs nose, so when he pulls, it gently moves his head toward you so he can refocus his attention on you and away from other distractions. Although this training tool rests on your dogs snout, it doesnt work like a muzzle. Your best friend still has the freedom to eat a treat, drink water and catch a tennis ball at the dog park. The quickest way to help your dog feel comfortable wearing his new headcollar is to let him wear it without a leash attached while he does all his favorite activities. The best part is, once your dog is a champ at walk etiquette, you will probably only have to use the headcollar as a backup during situations when you need a little more control, like visits to the vet. This headcollar wont fit our furry friends with super short snouts (like pugs or bulldogs). If you have a dog with a short snout, check out our Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness. You can purchase the Gentle Leader Headcollar risk-free because whether the headcollar isnt the right size or your dog mistakes the harness for a chew toy, our Customer Care team is happy to assist you with a new size or replacement. You and your dog will soon enjoy pull-free walks together. Trust PetSafe to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

  • MOST EFFECTIVE NO-PULL SOLUTION: Vet recommended and trainer designed, the Gentle Leader Headcollar is the most effective no-pull solution to help improve walks with your dog
  • INTERRUPTS YOUR DOG’S INSTINCT TO PULL: Rests across your dog’s nose, interrupting your dog’s natural instinct to pull against pressure
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Designed with minimal straps to keep your dog cool and made with durable nylon and a padded neoprene nose loop for ultimate comfort
  • EASY TO FIT: Quick-snap neck strap and adjustable nose loop for easy fitting in minutes
  • WON’T FIT PETS WITH SHORT SNOUTS: The Gentle Leader won’t fit our furry friends with short snouts like pugs or bulldogs
  • U.S.-BASED CUSTOMER CARE: Our pet product experts are here to help you and your pet and are available by phone, email or chat if you have any questions
  • QUALITY PROMISE: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations since 1998 to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar

jsxd dog leash for pulling

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

JSXD Double Handle Dog Leash,5 FT Heavy Duty Dog Leashes with Comfortable Padded ,Reflective Dog Leashes for Small Medium Large Dogs Outdoor Training

Product Include:

1 x 5 FT Double Handle Dog Leash

1 x Poop bag holder with 1 roll bag inside(15 Bags)

COOYOO 2 Pack Dog Leash

cooyoo dog leash for pulling

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

A Good Walk Starts with Comfort—for Both You and Your Dog

Enjoying a walk in the park with your dog obediently at your heels is a dream activity of many pet owners. Of course, our canine friends need to learn first how to do these things. That is why it is always best to start by training them on their leash. But a leash is not only great for training purposes — it’s also an important safety tool for your pooch and for others around you. It may look nothing more than a simple cord with a hook on one end and a loop handle on the other but true dog leashes can help save lives. With these best leashes for dogs that pull we’ve made for you, you can easily pick out the most appropriate for your doggy.

  • 5 FT REFLECTIVE DOG LEASH – Our dog leash is a perfect choice to bring balance between freedom and control for your pet during daily walks. It fits many occasions- walking, running, or training.Your dog will stay safely within your safe and gentle control by maintaining a comfy connection between you and your pet while on the go or enjoying outdoor activities.Highly reflective threads dog leashes providing visibility and safety at night walk.
  • BUILT TO LAST–Our dog leash is 5 ft long made of strong 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope and heavy-duty snap hook, this dog leash keeps your dog secure for a walk around the neighborhood or a fast-paced run through the wilderness.Woven rope material provides a comfortable grasp for sustained control, allowing you to enjoy each adventure with your dog.
  • COMFY WRIST SUPPORT- Features SOFT PADDED handles for extra comfort. Provides a firm grip without rubbing against your hand causing rope burns. This dog leash will not take long for you to thank us on the comfort of this handle if you have a large dog and if you need to frequently hold it back while walking.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Our leashes come in bright primary colors or classic, elegant black,exclusive special twill weave. Our commitment to quality and durability mean our leashes do not fade and fray as others do.
  • VALUE PACK and INVLAUABLE COMMITMENT – Get the most out of your bargain. You will get the value pack of 2 dog leashes;1 collapsible water bowl;1 poop bag dispenser. Any issues to our dog leashes, please feel free to contact us.Refund or exchange if you are not happy for whatever reason.

VIVAGLORY Dog Leash Traffic Padded Two Handles

Why Rocco Likes this dog leash for pulling?

Heavy duty alloy clasp with 360°rotation

Matched with heavy duty alloy clasp, our training/walking lead is super strong and will last longer than most others. In addition, 360°rotation clasp can prevent the leash from twisting and dog getting tangled.

  • Dual Padded Handles: Soft Neoprene and padded handle, comfortable than ever and No More Rope Burn; Equipped with an extra traffic handle, which can control your dog easily when in emergency
  • 360° Rotating Clasp: Swivel clasp prevents the leash from twisting and dog getting tangled. Heavy-duty metal clasp makes our training leashes last longer than most ones. Premium components for maximum strength
  • More Durable, Much Safer: Double layer tightly webbed nylon make the leash strong and sturdy. NOT FOR CHEWERS. Reflective threading through the full dog leash enhances super high visibility to keep safe at night
  • Size Guidance: Lengths are measured from end to top, including loop handle and metal clasp. Leashes of 1 inch in width with larger clasp are suggested for medium to large dogs, 1/2 inch in width with smaller and lighter claps are suggested for small to medium dogs
  • How to Choose Right Size: Please take your height, dog’s size and using habit into consideration to choose a right size for you or your family. It’s also a good choice to buy several different types for different occasions

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for when purchasing the best leash for dogs that pull.

dog pulling on a leash

What to do with a dog that pulls on the leash?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider getting a dog leash

Especially if your dog is a puller. First, it’s important to understand that when a dog pulls excessively, it can cause problems for both the dog and the owner. Not only can this lead to behavioral issues, but it can also cause physical problems for the dog as well. In addition, dogs that pull on the leash are often less likely to be best behaved overall. As a result, it’s critical that you work with your pup to train him or her not to pull on the leash. While this may take some time and patience, it will be well worth it in the end. There are a number of different ways to train your pup not to pull on the leash, but one of the best is to start with shorter walks. This will help your pup to understand that he or she needs to behave in order to get the reward of a longer walk. In addition, you’ll also want to purchase a front-clipping harness and a 6′ leash so that you can redirect your pup’s behavior if necessary. With some time and patience, you’ll be able to train your pup not to pull on the leash and enjoy walks together.

Should I train my dog on a leash?

A dog leash is one of the best tools you can use to train your dog.

Dogs that pull on the leash are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous. A dog that pulls on the leash is more likely to get into fights with other dogs, or to run into traffic. By teaching your dog not to pull on the leash, you will be able to enjoy best companionship. There are a number of different ways to train your dog not to pull on the leash. One way is to use a dog leash that attaches to your belt loop. This type of leash gives you more control over your dog, and it prevents them from getting ahead of you. Another way to train your dog not to pull on the leash is to take them for walks in areas where there are other dogs. This will teach them that they need to stay close to you in order to avoid getting into trouble. Finally, enrolling in a doggy obedience class is an excellent way to learn how to train your dog not to pull on the leash. In these classes, you will be taught by experts how to best use a dog leash and how to prevent your dog from pulling on it. By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy best companions

Types of Dog Leashes

Standard Dog Leashes

A standard leash is the best type of leash to use for everyday walks and outings with your dog. It typically has a metal clip on one end where you attach the dog’s collar, and a loop at the other end to work as a handhold. Standard leashes are available in varying sizes, with 4 feet and 6 feet being the most common lengths. They are heavier than other types of leashes and are usually fashioned from nylon, chain, or leather.

A 6-foot dog leash works well for an average-sized dog and is considered by most trainers as the best length for dog training. Dogs that pull on their leash will benefit from a shorter leash that provides more control, while dogs that are well-trained may do fine with a longer leash that allows them more freedom to explore. Ultimately, the best leash for your dog depends on his size, temperament, and training level.

Retractable Dog Leashes

Most dog owners have been there – you’re out on a walk, and your dog suddenly takes off after a squirrel or another dog, yanking you along behind them. It can be frustrating and even dangerous, both for you and your dog. That’s where a retractable leash comes in. A best retractable dog leash is a device that allows your dog to wander a greater distance away from you while still remaining under your control. The leash is attached to a hand-held device, similar to a small spool, and extends up to 26 feet, depending on the design. As your dog wanders further away, the leash will automatically extend; as they come back towards you, it will begin to retract back into the device, so you don’t have to worry about reeling in any excess leash. In addition, many retractable leashes also feature an adjustable band, so you can customize the amount of slack that your dog has at any given time.

Retractable leashes can be particularly helpful if you have a dogs that pull – as they allow you to give them more slack when they behave well – but it’s important to remember that they are not a replacement for obedience training. Ideally, you should only use a retract

Adjustable Dog Leashes

If you have a best friend that loves to go on walks with you, then an adjustable leash is a must-have. This type of leash is similar to a standard leash but has the added bonus of being able to adjust the length. This means that if your best friend starts to get ahead of you or lag behind, you can easily make any necessary leash adjustments on the fly. Additionally, if you’re looking for the best hands-free dog leash for running, the adjustable leash might work perfectly. You can wrap the leash around your waist to free up your hands. Another great thing about adjustable leashes is that they come in a wide variety of materials so you can pick one that fits your particular taste. However, when picking a leash, always consider durability as you want it to last for many walks (and runs) to come.

Slip Leads 

The slip lead acts as a combo leash and collar. You can easily put it on your pet and take it off. When using a slip lead, always think about placement. Slip leads, like the K9 Explorer Dog Leash Rope, function best when placed high on a dog’s neck. Position the collar portion of the leash on the neck directly behind the ears. 

When positioned properly, the dog will not choke. The slip leash is easy to use. The collar/leash combo is ideal for a pet owner seeking an affordable leash option. 

Specialty Dog Leashes

Some leashes are designed for very specific uses and activities. A standard leash might be fine for your daily neighbourhood walks, but some of your favourite outdoor activities with your pooch might require a different kind of dog leash. 

Travelling, biking, and hiking with your pooch require different gear to keep your dog safe and make your adventures more comfortable. Here are a few specialty leashes that might come in handy:

What's the Dog's Leash is Made Of

Nylon Dog Leashes

Nylon leashes are one of the best options for dogs that pull. The material is strong enough to withstand a strong dog’s pulling, but it’s also lightweight enough that it won’t drag you down. Nylon is also a great choice for training because it’s easy to hold onto and won’t slip out of your hand like a leash made of another material might. And, if you’re looking for a little extra flair, you can find nylon dog leashes in a wide range of colors and patterns to match your style.


      • Easy to clean and washable
      • Dries quickly 
      • Does not shrink
      • Available in a wide range of colours and patterns 


      • Hard on hands and can easily burn skin if the dog suddenly pulls
      • One of the easiest leashes for a curious puppy to chew through

Leather Dog Leashes

A best-seller for a reason, the leather leash is both stylish and functional. Unlike fabric leashes, leather is known for its durability – making it ideal for strong breeds that pull. Over time, leather also softens while remaining functional – providing a firm, solid grip surface. For best results, pair with a best-selling dog collar. Made from the same long-lasting, durable material, the collar provides a comfortable, safe fit for all dogs – big or small. And for dogs that pull, the extra width of the collar helps to distribute pressure more evenly – making training more effective and comfortable for both you and your dog.


      • Long-lasting and durable material
      • Leather softens over time while remaining functional 
      • Provides a firm, solid grip surface


      • Can be more expensive 
      • Can get water damaged
      • Leather can crack if bent or folded too tightly

Chain Dog Leashes

Chain dog leashes remain one of the least common dog leash materials. This is partially because of the limited selection and heavier weight, but the main concern with chain leashes is that they tend to make a dog look aggressive when they aren’t. 

A popular reason for opting for a chain leash is to prevent a teething puppy from chewing on the leash, but the hard chain could end up doing a lot of tooth damage. Teething your dog not to chew is better than giving them an unchewable leash.


      • Heavy duty and strong for large breeds
      • Stands up to a dog’s chewing


      • Heavy, not great for small or skinny necked breeds
      • Hard on the hands 
      • Can damage teeth if puppies decide to chew

Does your dog keep pulling?

A leash is not a magic device that will train your dog not to pull. It is simply a tool that can assist you in teaching your dog proper leash-walking behavior. Here are a few tips on how to best train your dog not to pull:

– Most dogs who pull on a leash become excited before you even clip on the leash. So, try to calm your dog and wait until you have the animal’s full attention before clipping on the leash.
– Go for shorter walks at first and offer positive reinforcement when your dog behaves well and does not pull. You can try giving the pooch a treat with ample praise when they walk beside you.
– Always hold the leash short so you have complete control of your dog even if he decides to pull.
– Gradually increase the length of your walks as your dog gets better at walking calmly by your side. With consistency and patience, you can train your dog not to pull on their leash.

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